Multi-Colored LED Smart Lightbulb (2Pack)

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• Endless Color Options
• Voice Assistant Compatible
• Music Sync Capability
• Convenient Smartphone Control
• Engergy-Efficient Lighting

Millions Of Colors at Your Fingertips

Transform your space with a dazzling array of over 16 million colors to choose from. Whether you're in the mood for a calming blue, a vibrant red, or a cozy warm white, this customizable LED bulb has you covered. Easily select the perfect hue to match your mood, setting, or special occasion. With endless color options, you can create the ideal ambiance for movie nights, romantic dinners, or lively parties.

Control The Party Atmosphere w/ Music Sync.

Turn any room into a dance floor by syncing your LED bulb with your favorite tunes. As the music plays, watch the lights pulse, change color, and create an electrifying atmosphere that moves with the beat. This feature is perfect for parties, workouts, or just adding a bit of fun to your everyday routine.

Control At Your Fingertips

With our smart app, adjusting your lighting has never been more convenient. Use your smartphone to turn the bulb on or off, change colors, and modify brightness levels without leaving your seat. The intuitive app interface makes it simple to customize your lighting to suit any mood or activity.

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